We ensure that all our products are of the highest quality as per international standards. Our facility is equipped with the latest state of the art machinery and along with innovative designing and the best quality raw materials, we produce some of the finest Ortho care products for our customers. 


    Preventing neck pain and injury, in most cases, can be done by limiting the activity of the neck and by giving support and immobilisation to the neck.This is possible by wearing a good collar.

    Advantages of Texme Soft Cervical Collar include:

    Soft foam padding with cotton stockinette cover provides high level of wearer comfort, Gently stabilises and slightly immobilises the cervical spine allowing muscles to relax and gives an extra support to prevent further damage.


    Texme Wrist splint can be used as a post traumatic rehabilitation aid to get the injured wrist back in shape. It is Soft and durable latex-free superior elastic material. It has malleable palmer stay for added support and proper fit.

    Wrist injuries are typically caused by one of two reasons. The primary cause is due to repetitive use of the wrist. The other common reason is due to impact, usually during physical activities.


    Texme Knee Cap is specially designed to relieve knee pain by providing consistent compression. Stabilises the knee joint by relieving excess pressure on the patella.

    Texme knee cap is designed for proper fit with minimal slipping or bunching. It allows full range of movements, provides stability and reduces chances of injury. It is designed in anatomical shape to avoid slipping and bunching. Special knitting on the knee region relieves excess pressure over the patella bone. The light weight and 4 way stretchable material offers intermittent massaging action.


    Texme Lumbo Sacral Corset is a premium Back Belt that is a non-invasive, very safe method of obtaining improved spinal alignment. At the same time it flattens the lumbar curve and stretches the lower back.
    It is anatomically contoured (i.e shaped to fit the curve of your lower back) posterior bars. The posterior bars are made of aluminium and can be adjusted to fit your back. Cheaper products use plastic which cannot be adjusted this way. 2 Extra straps for additional support. Made of full elastic material for a snug fit to the body


    Texme Orthopaedic Cast Padding is absorbent non-woven, made of soft natural cellulose fibers which add to the comfort of the patient while plastered. Being even Prevents skin macerations. It protects bony prominences, Absorbs exudates and sweat. It provides cushion between the skin and the plaster. Being natural is hypoallergenic.